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Is AI transforming Healthcare?

Saturday, August 3, 2024
11:30 AM - 12:10 PM
C2.5 + C2.6


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the “perfect” combination of science and humans; making machines that can think like humans. Intelligent machine learning, AI is already being used extensively across a wide range of fields and industries. The most perfect examples of AI are all around us; smart cars, smart phones, digital assistants, predictive algorithm and face recognition.

The use of AI has facilitated a healthcare revolution. AI provides favourable opportunity for health care professionals and a fabulous platform that can be used in all settings to promote safe and effective practise. For example, AI offers pharmacists the opportunity to review extensive patient data including medicines profiles, medical records, laboratory results to create individualised recommendations. But can AI be truly trusted? Join us to discuss the application of AI in healthcare, particularly pharmacy. We will discuss the safety and ethical issues associated with AI and explore the considerations of this technological breakthrough.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
• Discuss the term ‘artificial intelligence’ and its application beyond conventional technology
• Outline the role of artificial intelligence in pharmacy practice
• Describe the ongoing controversies associated with artificial intelligence including the benefits, risks and limitations of artificial intelligence
Competency standards
1.2, 1.3, 1.5


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Michael Alexander
Co-founder & CEO

Is AI transforming healthcare?


Michael has been a leader in the Retail Pharmacy and Digital Health spaces for twenty-five years. He spent over fifteen years working in the Australian pharmacy industry, where he was a partner in five pharmacies across three states. He moved back to the US in 2014 and led teams at CVS Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Omada Health before co-founding Audirie, an AI-powered platform that helps health professionals improve their communication and clinical skillsets.
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Peter Ikladious

Is AI transforming healthcare?


Peter Ikladious is a visionary co-founder at Audirie, an innovative AI-driven startup revolutionizing communication and interaction through advanced Machine-Learning and Generative AI technologies. In collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Audirie has introduced a groundbreaking AI-powered learning platform, enabling pharmacy professionals to practice, get certified, and excel in their field. Before Audirie, Peter spearheaded a growth consultancy, driving success for startups and established companies alike through strategic Product-Led Growth initiatives. Now based in Sydney, Peter's career has spanned the globe, with professional stints in New York, Boston, Malaysia, and Belgium. Peter's leadership journey includes executive roles at SafetyCulture, where he led Marketing, and at IBM, where he was a key member of the IBM Watson AI technology team, driving its growth and orchestrating a Product-Led Growth strategy for 350 SaaS, software, and hardware products. His diverse background in media, telecommunications, and software development enriches his interdisciplinary approach to technology, making him a dynamic force in the industry.